Will You Wave a RED Flag?

Hi my name is Chris Irwin of attivo marketing. Today the question I want to ask of you is:

Will You Wave a RED Flag?

How do people find your business?

If you want customers to come charging at your business like a bull to a red flag then you need to know what it is that’s going to equal that RED flag?

What is it about your business that get’s it noticed, attracts the customers and keeps them coming back for more?

There are many factors.

I can guarantee it’s not just the services or products you provide. It’s your customers’ level of satisfaction.

Satisfaction in the service or product and the people in your business are what make the difference.

Customers getting what they want because of the human element involved, the personal touches throughout the process and the building of that relationship.

But how well does your business reach out to draw in new customers? It’s all about marketing and referrals – customers, business associates, friends and family all  promoting to their contacts. Reputation and the words used to portray your business are important.

With marketing online, it’s the same deal – it’s media, a form of communication, promoting your business in a way that will attract and engage new customers. The words used paint a picture, they need to draw customers in or they’re of no benefit. There’s no profit in them.
They’re is a saying Knowledge is Power. There’s great power in knowing that the words communicating your business message to the market are targeted specifically to the search terms people are using. It gives you as the business provider:

  • the ability to use those terms in your promotion, addressing the issues that are important to both your existing and potential customers
  • the opportunity to write using the language of your target audience
  • the benefits of being able to fill your target audience’s needs
  • the power to increase sales and profit


A couple of tools that can be used to gain that type of information are Google’s Keyword Tool, which is free or for more advanced search results  that can be quickly filtered to suit your needs: Check out Market Samurai and GET YOUR FREE TRIAL COPY NOW. Click for Details – on our website!

This is Chris Irwin of attivo marketing if you have any questions or comments we’d love to hear from you!

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