Social Media

Businesses make use of Social Media to help with brand awareness and reputation. A social presence in social media such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter or Google+ will help build an online identity for an individual or business. It will increase the marketing exposure, expose the brand, assist in increasing the message they want to be known for and most importantly help them to maintain a position in the top of the search engine’s organic results.

Today’s generation of consumers have strong social online identities and are in the habit of being in these worlds updating their status EVERY DAY. Figures released recently show that at least 2 out of every 10 Facebook users checked their status before getting out of bed every morning. It is very natural for users, when buying or using a business’s products or services to seek them out on social media, not only to comment or provide feedback but to be the first to know when a new product or service is released and to be aware of any special offers as they happen.
Customer service is another aspect of social media. With customers raising issues and expecting a response from the business in view of all those associated online. The integrity of a business is tested. The business’s reputation at stake depending on the level of attention and online service provided.
Businesses focusing more on delivering excellence in customer service and care including through Social Media sites are believing they have increased their revenue because of it.