Updates and Security

Security for WordPress Sites

Without security measures in place information regarding your website is publicly accessible and open to hackers, making it easy if they so choose, to pick on your site and wreak havoc with it. attivomarketing provide solutions that will leave your site 99.9% secure. Just like the world’s best safes there will always be someone that could possibly “crack the code”. They’re going to have to be pretty determined though with the security strategies we put into effect.

WordPress being the most popular off-the-shelf CMS (Content Management System) its market-share is vast.According to their own count, WordPress claims they have over 47 million deployments worldwide.Older WordPress versions are known to have vulnerabilities that allow hackers to insert malicious files into an unsuspecting site. It is imperative for business owners and individuals to keep their WordPress software up-to-date. Quality sites that don’t keep up with the latest releases are prone to attack.

The reason for updates is usually because of some useful new functionality, or because a security fix has been released. Updating the plug-ins is important, too. They increase the site’s functionality. If your site – or its plugins – are not up-to-date, your site may be susceptible to attacks.. Functions you have in place may become obsolete.