Does Your Website Need An Update?

A website should be the focal point of your online marketing. It needs to be kept up to date and current to the market.

Having a strategy in place to engage with your customers by offering something of value to them for FREE opens up an opportunity for anybody genuinely interested in the services your business provides to take hold of what is being offered, decide on the value it holds for them and whether or not they want to continue in their considerations of doing business with you.

If you have an opt-in box on the pages of your website where customers are required to enter some contact information to receive the free offer that you’ve made, you now have access to communicate further with them and build on the relationship.

If your business offers any new services or products that are not represented on your website. Then, there is something further that you could be communicating to potential customers to entice them into doing business with you. This information should be added to the site. Regular maintenance is important.

What customers really want to know is, Are you going to be able to deliver on what you offer and does your offer match what they need or desire? The further clarity you can give on what you are offering, the more they will know if what you are offering matches their needs.

If your business information is not up to date it can affect the way your customers perceive you. If what you’re offering doesn’t suit at that point in time and the information is sufficiently relevant to make it memorable then there may be a time further down the track that will have them return to your site.

Having the information on your site fresh and relevant shows them that you’re on the ball. That your business has the focus and energy to serve them well, giving them confidence in the level of service that they may expect from doing business with you.

If you’re a bricks and mortar business having a Google map on your website can help people to locate you. Taking up your business position in Google Places for Business and Google + also helps Google to recognise your business and favour it in the search results.

The postal address, contact numbers and hours of operation are also important aspects of information regarding your business.

It’s great if you can write about recent news and events that are happening in your business and add that to your business website as well as the social media platforms. It shows your business is active and wanting to engage in service.

Video is the new medium of communication. It gives people the opportunity to see you and helps them decide on whether or not they wish to do business with you. It’s definitely something I’m working on.

I hope these little tips help in your decisions about marketing online for your business.

Whether you need an update, maintenance, a whole new website or just some advice please don’t hesitate to contact us at attivomarketing. Contact us by phone or leave your details in the opt in box of our website.

My name is Christine Irwin of attivo marketing

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