Creativity To Reach Your Goals

I have to admit that I’ve been somewhat neglectful in adding news of late. That shouldn’t be the case as I’ve been working on a presentation that I’m about to give around best practices for marketing online.

My study of online marketing started a couple of years back now, it’s been a slow course of action taking on my behalf. I have been continually educating myself and bringing myself up out of what seems like a dark hole and into some light. I’m speaking about my health as well as my knowledge around online marketing.

In all my learnings I’ve found a lot of things both spoken and written that have been and are greatly encouraging and motivational. One of them I just came across today, it belongs to Phillip Hatfield, who wrote, “Struggles and road blocks open our mind to creative ways to achieve our goals!

On with my story and news!

Some time ago now I met a lady, a young woman at a fundraising dinner, we got chatting and spoke about our work. Melissa asked if I might be interested in presenting at a workshop sometime down the track with her. That sounded rather exciting to me, a challenge yet a good step up in the right direction. We exchanged business cards.

It wasn’t idle talk and some months later I received a message from Melissa online through Facebook asking if I was still interested in pursuing this course of action.
Of course I was, what a great opportunity!

A short while later Melissa introduced me to Lorraine whom she’d met at a networking event. It occurred to her that the three of us working together would be able to present on a range of topics that would benefit small business owners.

The three of us have been collaborating and are proud to be presenting the first of our workshops, coming up soon. Check it out at: Ready Set Grow Workshops

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