5 Tips on How to Leverage Facebook for Business

00.23 –Nick Bowditch from Facebook 00.36
00.36 – Tips on “How To Leverage FaceBook for Business”
00.41 – The first tip: Consider the now billion users that FaceBook has
00.50 – What would you enjoy supplying
01.01 – The second tip: Engage with your audience
01.18 – Tips on “The third tip: Photos are great storytelling
01.35 – Tips on “Photos get shared (greater reach)
01.46 – Tips on “The fourth tip: Be social, after all it is called Social Media for a reason« Continue »

Creativity To Reach Your Goals

I have to admit that I’ve been somewhat neglectful in adding news of late. That shouldn’t be the case as I’ve been working on a presentation that I’m about to give around best practices for marketing online.

My study of online marketing started a couple of years back now, it’s been a slow course of action taking on my behalf. I have been continually educating myself and bringing myself up out of what seems like a dark hole and into some light. I’m speaking about my health as well as my knowledge around online marketing.« Continue »

Touching Technology

In my last video blog I spoke about the human element of a business.

Today I’m going to speak about how the human element affects the technology that we’re using.

Most everyone of us uses Google and has heard of SEO.« Continue »

Will You Wave a RED Flag?

Hi my name is Chris Irwin of attivo marketing. Today the question I want to ask of you is:

Will You Wave a RED Flag?

How do people find your business?

If you want customers to come charging at your business like a bull to a red flag then you need to know what it is that’s going to equal that RED flag?

What is it about your business that get’s it noticed, attracts the customers and keeps them coming back for more?« Continue »

Does Your Website Need An Update?

A website should be the focal point of your online marketing. It needs to be kept up to date and current to the market.

Having a strategy in place to engage with your customers by offering something of value to them for FREE opens up an opportunity for anybody genuinely interested in the services your business provides to take hold of what is being offered, decide on the value it holds for them and whether or not they want to continue in their considerations of doing business with you.« Continue »

Frustrated With Web Developers

Hi, Christine Irwin here with the latest news cast for attivo marketing. What I find with speaking to business owners is that many of them have had bad experiences with  web developers and the services that they provide.

I know of a few business owners that have been charged exorbitant prices for the hosting of  their websites and the email services attached to them.

I’ve heard of Web designers that wouldn’t follow a client’s thoughts & direction on how they wanted the website to look and this same client being bombarded with spam emails coming through to them on the company website. The providers of the site were not willing to change anything unless a bucket load of money was paid to them.« Continue »

Building A List

Building a list, a term I’d never heard of until entering the world of Internet Marketing. It’s something every business should be working on. Building a list of customers to communicate with and build relationships with. Empty emails, pretty much spam are no joy,  however, an informative newsletter can be pretty pleasant reading! How are you relating with your customers?


The Internet is a place where people can feel bombarded with marketing and it can be quite tiresome. The world today is moving through a time where our brains are commonly over-stimulated; neurologists are discovering that this trains our brains to be distracted more easily. Marketing needs to have a strategy where it speaks personally to the audience that it’s seeking. It’s really important to get people’s attention, understand what it is that they require and have the solution.« Continue »