5 Tips on How to Leverage Facebook for Business

00.23 –Nick Bowditch from Facebook 00.36
00.36 – Tips on “How To Leverage FaceBook for Business”
00.41 – The first tip: Consider the now billion users that FaceBook has
00.50 – What would you enjoy supplying
01.01 – The second tip: Engage with your audience
01.18 – Tips on “The third tip: Photos are great storytelling
01.35 – Tips on “Photos get shared (greater reach)
01.46 – Tips on “The fourth tip: Be social, after all it is called Social Media for a reason
02.07 – The fifth tip: The big question “How does My Mobile Website version look on a Desktop?”
02.21 – Many with iPhones, Smart Phones & Tablets will never own a PC in their lifetime
02.41 – – Attivo Marketing provide Mobile Websites
02.46 – Stats shared from Social Media by Nick
03.06 – Tips on “– How important a mobile website version is

Hi there, I’m Christine Irwin of Attivo Marketing. Today, I wanted to share with you how recently I attended a networking event where Nick Bowditch from Facebook was the guest speaker. Nick shared with us some tips on “How to Leverage Facebook for Business” The first tip that Nick shared was that we ought to consider the now billion users that Facebook has and where our opportunities lie. What would you enjoy supplying? And to do your research there with the people that you think might be your target audience. The second tip that Nick shared was to engage with your audience, to tell your story. Not just to show a persona of what you are in business, but to share your story with people. People love stories! The third tip that Nick shared was a great way of telling your story is to share photos. People really love to view photos. There are over 300 million photos uploaded to Facebook every day and many many shares! People even share photos with their friends who may not even know you but just because their enjoying the photographs. The fourth tip that Nick shared was to be social, to engage with your friends – “your Facebook Friends” and connections, to treat them like they are your friends and let them get to see, to see who you really are – to be authentic with the audience that you now have on Facebook. The fifth tip was the question that all business owners should have on their lips these days and that question is, “What does my mobile website look like on a desktop version?” Many young people today have iPhones, Smart phones or Tablets and they may never own a Desktop or a PC (personal computer) in their life. So, this is the big question, “What does your Mobile Website look like on a Desktop version? Do you have a Mobile Website? Attivo Marketing can provide one for you if you need one. Just consider the figures that Nick shared with us there were: • 6.8 billion people on the planet (probably a few more born or passed since then) • 5.1 billion own a mobile phone • And only 4.2 billion people own toothbrushes. There were many other stats that he shared but I think that gives you a bit of the picture of how important a mobile website version is. So they’re the tips that I’d like to share with you today and I’ll leave it at that for now. Thank you for listening. Bye!

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